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Football star turned actor Maurice Hall cooks up feature film 'Baker's Man'

Maurice Hall
Baker's Man, The Mindy Project, Sam & Cat

After tackling football players at the highest level, star athlete Maurice Hall has taken his talents to the entertainment arena.

Maurice garnered cheers and accolades scoring winning touchdowns for The Ohio State Buckeyes during their 2002 National Championship season. He went on to play for the San Diego Chargers, but his career was cut short due to a knee injury. After returning to OSU to earn a Master’s degree, Maurice became a television sports analyst at WCMH in Columbus, OH where his comedic on-camera talents were a huge hit with the public.

It wasn’t long before Maurice took this new found career even further and moved to Hollywood in pursuit of an acting career. Turns out, it was a really good decision, resulting in numerous television appearances, including roles on the FOX hit comedy “The Mindy Project,” Nickelodeon’s “Sam & Cat” and VH1’s “Hit The Floor.”

Not the type to sit back and wait for roles to land in his lap, Maurice created and starred in the dramatic web series “Shadow Love,” under his Mo-tivation Unlimited, LLC banner. Currently, Maurice is turning to his fans and NFL friends for support with the IndieGoGo campaign for his latest project, the romantic comedy feature film, “Baker’s Man."

We recently caught up with Maurice Hall to find out about “Baker’s Man” and more.

Tell us about your new film project “Baker’s Man.”

MAURICE: “Baker's Man” is a romantic comedy that everyone will love. It's has the jokes that a 70 year old and a 16 year old will appreciate; the obstacles that we will all have to overcome and the love that everyone wants to see.

What lead you to performing in this new arena?

MAURICE: I started writing it as a short film to create opportunities for myself to be seen doing good work. The more I wrote, the more ideas I got and the creative juices started flowing. The next thing I knew I had 100 pages written and a now feature film. I'm very excited about it.

Were your friends and family surprised by your new passion?

MAURICE: I recently wrote a dramatic web series called “Shadow Love” which got me good reviews. So, when I told friends and family about “Baker's Man,” they were interested to see what it would be and what is going to come of it.

What can you share with us about your NFL friends support for “Baker’s Man”?

MAURICE: They have been great. Malcolm Jenkins (Philadelphia Eagles) and DeVier Posey (Houston Texans) both played football at Ohio State which is where I played as well, so once I told them about what I was doing now they were immediately on board to help. The same with Justin Blalock (Atlanta Falcons) Matt Daniels (St Louis Rams) and Lorenzo Alexander (Arizona Cardinals); whom I have built a relationship with since they were in high school as we are all part of WATKINS AWARD ALUMNI GROUP (visit for more info about Watkins Award).

All these guys wanted to help my movie campaign in some type of way and I came up with the idea of them donating two of their football tickets to my organization Mo-tivation Unlimited with the intent to raffle off to those people who support my campaign for $20 or more. As of now that has definitely been the most sought after perk on my campaign.

Do you think your skills as an athlete have helped or hindered your entertainment career?

MAURICE: I think both. Knowing the importance of hard work, being a self-motivator and preparation were all things that have definitely helped me when I started. The idea of being as prepared as possible and going in and "killing and audition" and still not getting the role definitely played with my mind a bit. In my experience of playing football since I was young was being prepared and taking care of business on the field will lead you to winning the game. The entertainment game is a little different. It is more of a marathon than an immediate touchdown. Once I learned that, I became a lot more comfortable with the profession that I am in.

After reaching the pinnacle in college sports and then going on to play in the NFL, has it been hard to transition into another completely different career?

MAURICE: It took a while to find a passion for another career that was as strong as the passion that I had for football. Once I found it in acting, it was simple. Use the tools you were given from playing football and apply it to your new passion. I have done that through acting, producing and now writing.

Lastly, where can your fans go to find out more information and support your fundraising efforts for “Baker’s Man”?

MAURICE: They can click on this link or they can go to and SEARCH MAURICE HALL.

Thanks, Maurice. We’re excited to be cheering for you once again!

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