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Football Returns to LA with A11FL??

Los Angeles is getting a professional football team? That is the news coming out over the wire today. But it's not an NFL team that is now officially scheduled to play in LA next year.

A11FL Los Angeles franchise design

The A11FL announced that Los Angeles is one of the markets that will get a team when the A11FL season kicksoff in 2014. I know, we got the news before like UFL, The new USFL, the NSFL all said LA would get a team and it either did not happen or the league never got off the ground except flashy websites and cool logos.

But the A11FL is different and in one simple reason. They got a broadcasting deal with ESPN. “This is an exciting moment in the League’s history,” said A11FL Commissioner Scott McKibben, surrounded by other League executives at a press conference at the Fairmont Hotel. “The teams, the broadcast contract and our showcase games this year are going to generate tremendous excitement about this League and the great seasons to come.”

The Los Angeles team will be called the LA Express and if that sounds familiar it is because Express was the name of the original USFL team. The A11FL has bought the rights to all USFL teams, logos, colors etc and that also ends all speculations of the return of the USFL.

McKibben said the new football league will play two showcase games this year, one at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Fla. on May 17 and the other at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on June 5. Both games will be aired nationally on ESPN.

Now, what is A11FL and why is it called A11 compare to normal league names? The A11FL is an exciting new spring football league. It takes football back to the way it was originally played by changing one rule – no jersey numbering requirements for the offense.

Each offensive player is eligible to receive the ball, depending on how they line up on the line of scrimmage. Thus, a team’s best lineman could be its best receiver in A11FL. Inspired by an offense developed at Piedmont High School the A11FL seeks to return football to the way it was originally played, offering a safer, and more athletic game for fans to enjoy.

The 2015 season will begin in late March and continue through July 4th weekend, ending three weeks prior to NFL pre-season.

“We are committed to delivering high performance and dynamic football to some of the largest national markets with the most incredible fans during the spring season,” said A11FL Commissioner Scott McKibben.

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