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Football is for lovers


In honor of one of my favorite times of the year, I thought it was appropriate to write an article that coincides with the beginning of football season. I love Fall; the colors, the smells, new beginnings, the weather, the fact that you can wear long sleeves and flip flops, pumpkin smells and flavors, Halloween and football.  My boyfriend and I love to watch football together, although I prefer college and he prefers NFL.  Our compromise is to watch both, which is fine with us. However, I know that a lot of girls don't like football. Fact is, football is a long season and I want to help all of you ladies out there that lose their men during this time of the year.

I found a couple of cute articles that offered great advice. The first is really about soccer, aka "football", but its principles are still spot on. English women most certainly face the same dilemmas with their men during that season. The author suggests the following:

1. Join in- hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Why not try and give football a chance? you might like it and you could have some great bonding time with your beau.

2. Follow the scandal- Let's face it, women love gossip. Football has its own gossip. There's always something going on in the media; you can at least take interest in that.

3. Take a time out- If you really just can't get into it, do your own thing. Use this time to hang out with friends, do your hobby or learn something new that you've always wanted to. My personal advice...take up a new exercise routine. When the season is over, I'm sure your honey will notice all of the hard work you put in while he wasn't paying attention.

4. Trade off- If you sacrifice and join in with him, encourage him to get involved in something you like. Hey, it's a two way street here!

5. Cash in on the emotion- Men get all worked up and wrapped up in the outcome of the game. Take advantage of this.

6. Sulk or swim- You can either pout in the corner or put on your big girl pants and be supportive. Which do you think will be the most beneficial for your relationship?

You can read more at:,,146_186654-4,00.html.

 I found another article that had some other fun ideas of how to get in the spirit of football.  I will touch on a few, and I've added in a few of my own. Take the opportunity to cuddle up on the couch with can always read or play around on the laptop if you really don't like football. Wear something distracting...maybe he'll pay more attention to you. If you don't know anything about the game, pick a team to pull for by which uniform you like best. Check out the players butts in the uniforms. Watch the cheerleaders. Pick players out that look like guys you've dated in the past. Since you don't really care about the outcome, you can switch the team you're cheering for if they're getting creamed. See, football can be fun for you ladies that don't enjoy it. So, cuddle up to your man with your favorite beverage, whether it be green tea or a vodka martini.

If all else fails, you can always go shopping while the game is on.


  • Jami colorado Springs sex & relationships 5 years ago

    Getting into football with your partner is a great way to build bonds... I subscribed to this column and look forward to reading more.

  • Leah 5 years ago

    Thanks, Jami! I'll definitely check out some of your articles as well...thanks for stopping by!