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Football Hits Are Like Car Crashes Without Airbags

Most of our friends and Nashville sports fans still love their Tennessee Titans, but with them out of the running now for the big game, we've turned our attention to some other matters, such as the injuries we see occurring on the field as our teams play.

We all love our American football, with the season coming in the fall and ending with the culmination of the NFL playoffs and the final football game of the season, the Super Bowl XVIII, which will be held this year in February in approximately 26 more days and a little more than 6 hours from the time this article is put online.

But some of the football injuries which have plagued athletes who play football, in all of the games leading up to collegiate football and professional football, have been studied with an eye to helping try to prevent them. We found a video titled: 'Football Hits Are Like Car Crashes Without Airbags' to share with our readers, and invite comments to be placed in the space provided below.

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