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Football and CPR : A game of inches

Press down at least two inches onto an adult chest for CPR
Press down at least two inches onto an adult chest for CPR licensed image

It is fourth down with just a few minutes left in the game and in order to win the game, you must move the football at least two inches to the first down marker at your opponent's one yard line on the field to have a chance to score a touchdown for your team. The crowd is yelling and everyone is on their feet wondering if you will make that first down.

You know the play that is called from your study of the playbook and from your practice of the play over and over but now it is for the win under all this pressure. Advancing the football only an inch and a half will not do the job. Unless you get the first down, the game, the season , may be over .

Football, sales, success and for that matter, life, has been referred to many times as a game of inches. CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is also a game of inches in one specific way. After the 2010 Guidelines for administering CPR were changed from chest compressions for adults from one and one half to at least two inches onto the chest , more lives are now saved because compressing at least two inches onto the CPR victim's chest will reach the heart and may push the life giving oxygenated blood out into the body that is necessary for the victim's body organ's survival until advanced medical responders arrive onto the scene for more advanced care.

If you've taken an adult basic skills CPR course since 2010, you already have your playbook . You've already practiced the play you know the coach would call in to you at the scene. Pre season is over, you're in the playoffs now and the championship is on the line if you can make that play. Always remember that the CPR victim you encounter only has a few minutes left in her or his game and it will be up to you to perform your role skillfully.

Take time throughout the year to refresh your skills by contacting the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association for a refresher course or check with your local library for free classes to keep those skills fresh in your mind's playbook. You may even want to certify or renew your CPR certification through a local CPR training provider near you under a provider agreement . For example, in Oklahoma, the is a licensed provider for the American Red Cross that can certify or renew your CPR certification on your job site.

Remember that you and I aren't expected to be the top of the game quarterback like my personal favorite football quarterback , Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos, but we are expected to perform our CPR skills with the passion and work ethic Peyton shows in his preparation and be ready to give our all , at game time.

Happy Heartbeats, Friend !

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