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Foot-long hairball: 12-year-old girl has large hairball removed

A foot-long hairball was found inside the stomach of a 12-year-old girl from Henan, China. Doctors were shocked to discover the hairball after the child was brought in with symptoms of hair and weight loss. The girl was put through various scans and doctors saw a huge mass that took up 70% of the girl's stomach. Of course this explained her weight loss.

Doctors didn't know what the mass was made up of before they took it out. They were very surprised to learn that the solid mass was made up of human hair. As for the hair loss, the girl's mother said that she had previously seen her daughter put hair into her mouth -- but didn't really think much of it. In reality, the girl was literally eating her own hair.

The girl with the foot-long hairball inside her stomach has been diagnosed with Pica Disorder. Pica characterized by an appetite for things that aren't common -- such as hair, dirt, ice, chalk, and other bizarre substances.

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