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Foot Locker shooting: Teen shot after cutting in line to buy Kanye West sneakers

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Foot Locker in New York City was the scene of a shooting on Saturday when a 15-year-old teenager ended up with a bullet in his foot. The teen, Isaiah Martinez, reportedly was the victim of the gunshot incident after he cut in line at a Foot Locker store in Brooklyn, New York City, near Stanhope Street in the Bushwick neighborhood, according to a New York Daily News report on Saturday evening. The boy was part of a huge crowd waiting to buy new shoes, said police officers and witnesses.

The shoes that were in demand at the time of the shooting when Martinez reportedly cut in line were Kanye West-designed Nike sneakers. The shooting incident was preceded by Martinez having cut in front of a lengthy line of customers. It happened at approximately 6 a.m. on Saturday as persons were gathered to purchase the new Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Yeezy” sneakers which cost $250 per pair. The fancy shoes are said to be red and black with an outer sole that glows in the dark. It’s the latest in Nike’s Kanye West line of footwear.

Witnesses, including persons who said they know Martinez, assert that the teen cut in line and persons became outraged and demanded that he go back to the end of the line. According to Brooklyn’s News 12 report, one of the persons that Martinez had a scuffle with left the line and told the teen that he was coming back with a gun. Shortly thereafter, the person made good on the promise and returned with a gun, shooting the gun four times.

Following the shooting incident, paramedics took Martinez to Woodhull Hospital with his non-life-threatening gunshot to the foot. Some witnesses claimed that there was more to the confrontation between the shooter and Martinez. The boy apparently got mouthy with the person who eventually fired off the shots at him.

As of Saturday night, authorities were still looking for the person who shot the gun in the crowd in front of the Foot Locker store. Unfortunately, for those who waited – some who even camped out overnight – the shooting delayed the reason for everyone being there in the first place. The store wasn’t opened until three hours after the scheduled time. Due to the shooting, the store didn't open for business until 11 a. m.