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Foods you should avoid to remain healthy

There are many arguments about which foods should be avoided in order to meet nutritional needs and remain healthy.While some may not want to make changes to their menu, others find it important to do so.

Should you removed these foods from your menu?
Pat Anthony: Nutrition Examiner

One list of foods to avoid was written by Charlie Pulsipher and recently published on Sunwarrior and includes some of the details shared here.

The first food mentioned was sugar, which is something many are trying to avoid. However, it does seem processed sugars are found in many foods, including items most would think would never have sugar as an added ingredient.

Mr. Pulsipher stated the following in his article titled 10 Foods You Should Never Eat And How To Avoid Them:

Too much sugar causes cravings, strains the liver, increases inflammatory responses, bumps up fat storage, increases cholesterol levels, and causes immune system problems.

Also discussed: Artificial sweeteners, canned tomatoes, margarine, microwave popcorn, processed meats, salt, vegetable oils, soy and certain non-organic foods.

The information published by Charles Pulsipher includes details about what to purchase instead of the foods listed to avoid. As a replacement for sugar, the following are listed:

honey, date sugar, stevia, coconut sugar, or pure organic maple syrup

Most are able to purchase organic foods needed at Whole Foods Markets as well as the Greenwise section of Publix. In the Charlotte area consumers have Atherton Market on South Boulevard where many local growers offer organic foods.

Some may find it difficult to avoid everything on the list. Perhaps omitting one or two items at a time will work, eventually avoiding everything mentioned.

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