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Foods that help you beautify your body and lose weight

Lose weight by eating healthy foods
Lose weight by eating healthy foods
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Most adults gain weight every year and what you eat of course directly affects the amount of weight you gain or lose. A number of foods can actually help you lose weight and are healthy for you too. Be sure to add each of these foods to your diet every day to keep the pounds from creeping up on you.

Fruits and Vegetables

Beauty advice experts recommend you eat a serving of fruits and vegetables with every meal. And fruits and veggies make great snacks too! Many fruits and vegetables are made of mostly water, so you're also hydrating your body and skin when eating them.

Food facts: It is better to eat whole fruits, than to drink fruit juices. One cup of mixed berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries) = 83 calories


While some kinds of nuts may have a higher fat content, it is actually a good kind of fat - the slimming monounsaturated kind that is healthy to ingest on a daily basis. Eating different types of nuts daily actually helped prevent weight gain in some dieters. Nuts are fiber-rich snacks and are a great topping to salads, too.

Food fact: 1/2 cup of almonds = 265 calories

Low-Fat Dairy Foods

Leave the whole or regular milk alone as it is more fattening. Plus, you'll get the same nutrients from low-fat or skim milk without the weight gain. Yogurt is also one of the best foods to help you slim down.

Food facts: 5 oz. plain Greek yogurt = 80 calories; 8 fluid ounces of regular milk = 149 calories, while the same amount of skim milk has only 83 calories

Whole Grains

For most of America, white breads and white rice tend to taste better, but they are also more fattening than whole grains. Stick to whole grain breads and multi-grain cereals to keep the pounds away. And don't forget about oatmeal for breakfast. It keeps you feeling fuller longer and is great for digestion and weight loss.

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