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Foods for curing a hangover


Photo by: Nicholas Tarling

We’ve all been there…dizziness, nausea, headaches, vomiting, and of course the need to sleep all day like we did when we were in high school. That’s right I’m talking about the dreaded hangover.   When you find yourself out until 2am at LoDo, Spill, or any of Denver’s hot spots it is inevitable that you are going to pay for your “fun” in the morning.

 A hangover is the not-so-fun after effect of intoxication. The severity of a hangover varies greatly based on one’s: age, weight, gender, basal metabolic rate, and the amount of alcohol consumed. Did you know the type of alcohol you consume can also affect the severity of your hangover? Alcohol with large amounts of congeners, or chemicals resulting from fermentation, causes a more severe hangover than those drinks with lower quantities. Dark beverages such as red wine, sherry, dark rum, and brandy are all high in congeners, while clear alcohol such as white wine, light rum, and vodka are lower in congeners.
Even with the risk of a possible hangover, many of us still indulge in the occassional cocktail, however before you do make sure your fridge is stocked with these “cure for a hangover” foods:
 1) Water: Alcohol is a diaretic which means it forces water out of the body. So what’s the best way to replace what you lost? Drink water! Water will help prevent dehydration and dilute the leftover byproducts in the stomach.
2) Eggs: Drinking excessive alcohol causes a toxic build up in your body of acetaldehyde. Eggs are loaded with cysteine which help break down this hangover causing toxin.
3) Asparagus: Like eggs studies show that asparagus helps break down toxins.
4) Tomato juice: This vitamin rich juice helps to replace cells and is also a good source of potassium.
5) Sports drinks: Drinks such as Vitamin Water and Gatorade are a must for rehydrating and replacing electrolytes.
6) Banannas:  Potassium is one of the main nutrients lost due to alcohols diuretic effect. Eating a banana in the morning not only provides you with a serving of potassium, but it also serves as a natural antacid which can help with nausea.  Bannanas are also high in magnesium which can relax those pounding blood vessels causing that hangover headache.
7) Avoid caffenie: While you may feel sluggish or groggy after your big night out remember that this time your morning coffee is NOT the answer. Caffeine like alcohol dehydrates you, and rehydration is key to curing your hangover
8) Time: A hangover can last anywhere from 8 to 24 hours, and while certain foods can help ease the “pain” of a hangover, time is the true remedy for eliminating the toxic metabolites caused by alcohol.
9) Avoid a hangover all together: While it's always fun to hit the town many of us can’t spare the 24 hours needed to recover. To avoid the dreaded hangover: drink in moderation, alternate alcoholic beverages with water, and eat before drinking.
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  • Jinger 5 years ago

    This is great information. When I was younger, it didn't seem like I ever got hangovers, now, it's like any time I have any drinks excess of 2, I'm not moving the next morning.

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