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Foodie getaways: The seductive delights of CRUSH Las Vegas

Sea Scallop Benny
Sea Scallop Benny

Discovering new flavors and cultural cuisines does not always mean one must travel halfway around the world. Arizona's convenient location in the Southwest creates endless possibilities for quick weekend getaways to a number of other cities.

Las Vegas, Nevada stands out among the rest as the ultimate destination for foodies in search of new experiences. Traditionally known only for its gambling resorts and flashy shows, this oasis in the desert has quickly become a major culinary hub that is attracting some of the top chefs in the country. Only a one hour trip by plane or five hour drive by car, Arizona food tourists can be on the strip in a flash and ready to have their taste buds dazzled.

For those seeking an especially romantic getaway, no restaurant destination teases the senses better than CRUSH located inside the MGM Grand resort. Their motto "eat, drink, love" perfectly sums up the experience guests can expect to enjoy.

The ambiance of this locale is an absolutely fabulous setting for a casual rendezvous. While the restaurant is indoors, it features an atrium with finely tuned lighting that simulates sunlight so perfectly that one cannot tell the difference. In the evening, the restaurant transitions into a soft glow as patrons nestle in its secluded corners bathed in candlelight under a gorgeous barrel vaulted ceiling.

The menu, developed by executive chef William DeMarco, includes unique reinventions of dishes from across the globe. Touted as an American cuisine restaurant, CRUSH has the flexibility to develop creations that cross borders. Subtle influences from Italy, Mexico, India, the Pacific, France and Japan can be throughout, providing tantalizing options for any palate.

Editor's Choice Menu Picks:

Octopus Ceviche
A deliciously chilled dish featuring tender morsels of fresh octopus paired with the tangy sweetness of grapefruit slivers. CRUSH takes this dish to the next level by adding a hot finish with pickled jalapeños. Served with a portion of finely sliced, crispy taro root chips.

Sea Scallop Benny
A fascinating take on the traditional Eggs Benedict recipe. Seasoned chorizo provides a flavorful base and is topped with a sunny-side quail egg and tender sea scallops. The dishes flavors are highlighted by a drizzle of chipotle hollandaise sauce.

Ricotta Gnocchi
Rich, yet delicate gnocchi feature a hint of warm, creamy ricotta cheese. This is paired with the savory pleasures of expertly braised short-rib meet, served atop a light pea puree. A perfect selection for a main course.

Nutella Squeeze
CRUSH gives the ice cream sandwich a dazzling makeover. Two soft chocolate wafers are filled with a rich Nutella ice cream, featuring a distinct hazelnut flavor with hints of cocoa. All of this is topped with a hand-made chocolate whipped cream sprinkled with sweet and smoky caramelized hazelnut bits.

CRUSH is located inside MGM Grand resort at 3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reservations are recommended and may be made by calling (702) 891-3222. For full menu listings and hours, visit their website.

About the author:
Jeff Lewis is a travel and entertainment writer with more than 10 years of experience in the media industry. To receive updates on his latest articles or to recommend a venue for review, follow him on Twitter at @jeffandthe411.

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