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Food trucks and French food? Mais oui!

The Flying Pig
The Flying Pig
The Flying Pig

You probably know quite a few French Restaurants in L.A.

But do you know that you can also get great French- inspired meals also in these unexpected and fun Food Trucks?
They criss- cross the Los Angeles neighborhoods and part of the fun is to stumble upon one of them or chase them through their Tweets!

Let's name two to start:
Crepes Bonaparte is a French crepe catering service that also features a Crepe Truck that will go to your neighborhood if you send an email to

They make the most delicious crepes with a choice of fillings, from sweet and awesome such as • Strawberry • Banana • Seasonal Berry • Coconut • Chocolate... to savory fillings like • Ham• Chicken• Feta• Goat Cheese• Tomato• Spinach• Mushrooom...among many others!
You can also find Crepes Bonaparte at the Anaheim Farmers Market on Thursdays.

Visit their  their website for more information,  menus and other services like their catering services.:

Another Food Truck with great French food is the Flying Pig Truck.

From Burbank to Venice, and more, it is really a fun place to eat;  they advertise themselves as “Bio Mobile Food - Asian Fusion with French Technique”.

They feature classic –almost classic- snacks like flying pig fries with saba and parsnip, plus black garlic aioli; and tacos (yes, did we mention it is Fusion?) even vegetarian, like crunchy tofu with honey-roasted peanut.
Some might say it is not authentic French. But if you go today to any city in France, you’ll find that Fusion is the trend of the day, let alone bio!

You can follow the itinerary by the hour through their tweets, send an email to or call 714-234-5107.
Their website is worth a click.

French food is fun!


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