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Food Trends from the Big Apple to MIA

Fluke Crudo with olive oil and sunflower seeds
Fluke Crudo with olive oil and sunflower seeds
Photo by Gina Guilford

The Miami Dining Examiner was just in New York city and noticed some more trends in dining there. Since the Big Apple seems to trend about six months ahead of the 305, here are some trends to be on the lookout in Miami's near future.

1) Prix fixe menus

Two of the first three meals eaten in New York were prix fixe, so this maybe the wave of the future. Who can argue with an appetizer, entrée and dessert at a set price?

2) Sharing plates

Call them tapas, small plates, sharing menus, this trend continues to hold strong. The Miami Dining Examiner prefers tasting lots of little bites better than a big plate of the same dish.

3) Shishito Peppers

The Miami Dining Examiner first ate these at a sushi restaurant, with fish sauce and fish flakes, but lately it's been popping up all over. Low in calories and with calorie-burning capsicum, it's a dieter's dream.

4) One Fish, Two Fish

Omega rich Tuna is still popular but the Miami Dining Examiner's been seeing branzino (European sea bass) and fluke (summer flounder) on menus as well.

5) Fish, all ways raw

Tartare, crudo and Hamachi are just some of the ways (besides sashimi and ceviche) raw fish is appearing on menus. These offerings make the perfect summer dish.

6) Pretzel Bread

All of a sudden, this bread is all over. Dark on the outside, creamy white on the inside, with flecks of salt, it doesn't even need butter. Mustard anyone?

7) Healthy Eating

This trend shows no sign of stopping. Farm-to-table, organic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free restaurants are no longer the bane of diners. Eating clean can be delicious, when done right.

8) Financiers

Two meals in New York City ended with this lovely, French cake, made with almond flour, egg whites and brown butter. Said to resemble a gold brick, due to the traditional rectangular shape and gold color, these are little nuggets of moist deliciousness.

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