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Food trend for 2014 - yacon syrup

Yacon surup is a metabolism booster.
Yacon surup is a metabolism booster.

Yacon syrup is a sweetener extracted from the yacon plant. The syrup from yacon is made using an evaporator similar to the way maple syrup is made. The taste of yacon syrup is similar to caramelized sugar or molasses and has antioxidant properties higher than in many other plants. Studies have shown that when incorporated into the daily diet, yacon syrup can assist in weight loss, waist circumference, and BMI. The product is becoming popular with per-menopausal women. In other words, yacon syrup is getting a reputation for being a super-food and a metabolism booster.

The yacon plant is native to South Ameria and the people there enjoy it for its nutritional value, low sugar content, and low caloric content. Diabetics can enjoy this plant food because it is naturally low in sugar and very healthy. Tea can be made from the dried leaves and the tea is also popular among diabetics.

Amazon shows 328 listings for yacon syrup across the categories of grocery & gourmet food, health & personal care, books, beauty, and everything else. 223 listings are Prime eligible. Top selling brands are Life & Food, Washington Laboratories, and BioRight Labs. There are also listings for yacon root tablets, capsules, and yacon powder.

Yacon syrup can be used in baking, on cereals or oatmeal, in tea or coffee, or on pancakes or waffles.