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Food trend for 2014 - chia seeds

Chia seeds are acutally a grain, not a seed.
Chia seeds are acutally a grain, not a seed.

Chia seeds, the seeds from the chia plant, are getting a lot of press lately. While you may only know them as the tiny black seeds that come with the ridiculous Chia Pet products, they are actually a nutritious food with many health benefits. A whole grain food, chia seeds help control hunger and contain protein, healthy fat, and 11 grams of fiber per serving. Chia seeds have stolen the spotlight from flax seeds and are being used in smoothies, on cereal, in pudding, on salads, and in other types of recipes.

One of the more publicized claims of chia seeds is that they aid in weight loss. Since the food is a grain, they help dieters feel full and satisfied. Also, 11 grams of fiber per serving helps keep things moving in the digestive arena. Chia sees are versatile and can be easily incorporated into the diet.

Amazon shows 657 results for chia seeds in the grocery and gourmet food category. Only about 200 of those results (about 30%) are Prime eligible, which is an opportunity for third party FBA sellers who would like to sell this type of product. Products include loose chia seeds in a variety of different size bags, chia protein / breakfast bars, trail mix with chia seeds, cereal with chia seeds, chia and flax seed blends, and chia flour.

Amazon shows 239 results in the book category for chia seed cookbooks and weight loss books. 35 are Kindle editions.

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