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Food Swaps: Why you should be going

A picture of the various items I received at a local food swap
A picture of the various items I received at a local food swap
Diana Tierney

Food Swaps are the latest way for people to get together to share a sense of community. An international network, people who grow, make or forage come together to exchange their goods. At a food swap you can find home canned goods (I usually bring an assortment of canned goodies that I have made), various local produce, fresh eggs and so much more. No money is exchanged, your items are your currency.

The rules are simple; as I state above you can only bring food you made, grew or foraged for, so things such as bagged potato chips and power bars are a no no. Every now and then you will find homemade skin care items but the majority of the finds are food related.

Food swaps create a sense of community that in this modern age many of us have lost. This is an opportunity for people to get to know each other, share recipe ideas and produce. The barter system is fun, you have the power to be able to determine how much or what to trade with someone.

And you don't have to go very far! Odds are there is a food swap in your own back yard. Here is a list of food swaps in and around Huntington Beach:

Huntington Beach Food Swap (a.k.a. the HB Food Swap)

Central OC Food Swap

Borderline N.O.C. Food Swap

Long Beach Food Swap

One word of warning: Once you start swapping you won't want to stop!

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