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Food shortage Kraft Velveeta: Super Bowl without cheese is a tough chip to dip

If is hard to imagine that America will be celebrating and rooting for their favorite football team and be lacking one of the best dips created. People across the nation are planning their parties and tailgating gatherings and can’t find the one ingredient that makes chips worth dipping into.

Velveeta cheese is being craved by consumers and not stocked on shelves!
Jackson Cooking Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Currently Kraft, the company noted for its cheese called Velveeta was verified by Kraft Foods Group, Inc. that there is a shortage on their creamy cheese-like processed food product. According to a news report on Jan.9 by the Chicago Tribune it seems that there is more to it than a lack of production on the part of the corporations known as Kraft. Word is spreading that this may possibly be a war on cheese and the government is behind the lack of Velveeta cheese being processed.

Customers are advised that the Velveeta shortage that originally began disappearing from shelves in stores and not for lack of stocking the shelves by retailers says that the shortage may continue for quite some time with no fixed date scheduled when or if the product will return to stores for consumers to purchase. Some stores have reported that they won’t be getting another delivery until sometime in February. Temporary is a good thing but fans are concerned and wondering if the shortage will be over in time for the airing of the biggest game of the year.

What is game day without nacho cheese sauce to dip your chips into going to be like?

Is this a ploy by the government to give everyone more thought to healthy living and eating? Is this a new tactic to scare them into worrying about their cholesterol levels? Or are they just trying to force Americans into become lactose intolerant even though daily products don’t affect them?

What about the children across the nation? Velveeta is the perfect cheese for their favorite dish, macaroni and cheese. Many children aren’t fans of that many cold cuts and simply eat a plain cheese sandwich or peanut butter sandwich for lunch. There are other cheese products on the market and at the deli counter but kids love the taste of Velveeta and one or two slices twice a week isn’t going over the top or will make them obese.

We can all hope this is just a shortage and not a war on cheese!

Game day can be saved. The Jackson Cooking Examiner has taken this cheese shortage into consideration and has a great little recipe to create a cheese sauce that will be a hit at the party and on game day.

If you want to try your hand at this easy to follow recipe and prepare some hot and cheesy nacho cheese sauce for your dipping pleasure look no further!

Recipe: Not your cheese: Then make some homemade nacho cheese sauce

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