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Food server suing Houston Rockets over anti-gay slurs

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On April 2 La Times shares that a food server that worked in the Brooklyn Nets Barclay Center is suing the Houston Rockets for anti-gay slurs he believes were made at him while he was setting up a buffet in the Rockets' locker room.

Resean Tate is a 28-year old gay man who worked for the food service company contracted to the Barclay Center. He claims that after he complained to the company about the anti-gay slurs he was soon terminated. Tate maintains that a Nets representative also heard the slurs in the locker room and told him to go when he did. A catering manager offered a verbal apology two days later and was promised that the situation would be rectified, however, his hours were soon lessened and he was suspended for not giving a customer a fork. Then, instead of lifting the suspension, he was terminated without pay. Tate claims that he never thought that the company would retaliate after complaining about the abuse.

While Tate claims that players would make comments such as ‘Get this ... out of here!’ and ‘He’s trying to catch a sneaky-peeky!’ no specific names were mentioned. The lawsuit maintains that if his sexual orientation had not been brought up that the defendants wouldn't have retaliated against him.

When the Rockets' team manager and the Barclay Center were contacted, neither had any comment on the pending lawsuit.