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Food review: Matlaw's stuffed scallops and stuffed clams

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Review of Matlaw’s stuffed scallops and stuffed clams. Ever wonder if the food tastes as good as the photo on the box? One of the best times to try it is when it's on sale or better yet when you fall upon a BOGO or buy one get one free deals. There was a special BOGO deal at a local Central Florida market for $3.99. Any shopper could purchase a choice of six large grill-ready New England style stuffed scallops or clams or the smaller size stuffed clams with 12 pieces. It seemed too good a deal not to buy it so this is a review of one six piece box of large size stuffed scallops and a six piece box of large-size stuffed clams.

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The large scallops and clams box is listed as 9 ounces which probably include the shell. You can’t tell the difference between the two probably because the main seafood ingredient is somewhere in the middle of the ingredients list with water and bread crumbs being the top two. It was tasty, for bread crumbs but that’s about it.

The color and presentation for appetizers are nice, but don’t expect much in tasting or finding the scallops or the clams, it’s either seasoned with the water from the seafood of just the seasoning. The taste test included three pieces from each box, however, there was only one tiny piece of clam that was felt in one of four pieces, each shell was about an inch and a half round; a good size serving.

For the price it’s worth the appearance of something good. The website says it has a mix of “golden breadcrumbs, spices, minced celery (that is noticeable) and green peppers with succulent bay scallops…” that’s all true, and in that order it’s lost in the mush of breadcrumbs. Should you try this? Sure, why not? But then again if you are craving the taste, texture and expectation of true scallops and clams, the answer would be no; save your $4 and go elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a recipe for stuffed scallops or clams or crab or lobster you may want to click here and make it yourself and then you’ll know how much seafood is in each piece.