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Food on a stick day - fun!

Today is National Food on a Stick day and our Neptune Beach BBQ Sticks outdoor eatery came to mind.  With Spring Break around the corner and hopefully some beach weather finally gracing our coasts, we will all enjoy munching some Filipino BBQ sticks in the great outdoors!  They are open 11:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. daily and have a wide variety on their menu!  They are in between Pete's Bar and the Sea Horse Inn and can be reached at 904-247-7180.  Ride your bike up there and give them a try!!

But, what other foods come to mind when we think of our beloved foods on a stick??  Popsicles, Corndogs, Kabobs, Roasted Marshmallows, Frozen Bananas dipped in chocolate, Fair Food of all kinds - anything works on a stick (and deep fried!) at the Fair!!  And, I know there are so much are a few ideas to celebrate the day:

  • Fruit skewers cold dipped in cream cheese, cool whip almond dip
  • Fruit skewers grilled spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg
  • Veggies - cold - on a stick, served with dip
  • Grilled veggies in a stick - great with grilled fish - season with olive oil and fresh herbs
  • Cocktail skewers - load up with fresh fruit or veggies and olives to enhance the flavors of your cocktail!
  • Antipasto skewers - load up cheeses, meats and veggies; this works with tortellinis too!
  • Salad on a stick - anything you like!
  • Cookies or cake on a stick - fried cheesecake or Twinkies are fair favorites - but, create your own!
  • Make your own popsicle or ice cream bar!!
  • Anything goes - just have fun with it!  and share your ideas!  


  • Roark 4 years ago

    Grilled veggies on a stick--Yummy.

    Whatever happened to toast on a stick?



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