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Food news: Eating healthier for the new year (and additional info)

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy weight, help lose weight and keep it off, is to simply eat a good breakfast (did you know that people who skip breakfast often end up weighing more?). That's because besides building muscle and bones, a protein-packed, nutrient-dense breakfast can help you to stay full and satisfied so you won't feel hungry by mid-morning, which in turn will help you to stick to your weight-management or weight-loss plan.

Milk is a perfect complement breakfast complement (packed with nine nutrient essentials and eight grams of high-quality protein), yet more than 8 out of 10 Americans still fall short of the recommended milk servings each day.
To cut even more fat and calories, go for fat-free, low-fat or 2% reduced-fat milk (the 2% reduced-fat milk is absolutely delicious; you'll still get the taste of fresh milk without that weird intensity that many can't tolerate, but in a “cleaner” version).
For more breakfast tips (including recipes), check out

Many nutrition experts advocate entirely cutting out “junk” food, soft drinks, a lot of meat and even certain kinds of condiments. But it's not easy: Many of us were raised on “unhealthy” fare and even if you're a vegetarian or just trying to eat healthier, there may be times when you really crave a cheeseburger or some potato chips-or the mayonnaise you're not supposed to eat on your sandwich.
I would recommend eating these things sparingly, or finding a low-calorie version: You'll have the best of both worlds. You won't feel deprived from your favorite snacks (and therefore possibly go on a “binge”) thus enabling you to stick with or maintain the healthy stuff. For example, Friday and Saturday evenings is my designated “fall off the wagon” time (this also gives me something to look forward to on weekends!).

Additional Info

Here's the maximum recommended refrigeration storage time for certain foods:
Beef-3-5 days
Hot dogs-1 week
Butter-2 weeks
Ground meat-1-2 days
Canned goods-1 year
Milk-1 week
Cereal-2-3 months
Pasta-2 years
Cheese-1-3 weeks
Poultry-1-2 days
Eggs-1-2 weeks
Rice-2 years
Fish-1 day

Please Note: These are recommended guidelines. As many of you know, food is often in the fridge for a much longer time. I would personally try the smell test; if something's “funny” or “off”, pitch it (don't wait until it actually starts to deteriorate)!

To find out how many calories it takes to maintain your current weight, multiply your weight by 15.

As a world commodity, coffee is second only to crude oil.

If you're traveling, one crucial thing to do on your checklist is to empty the fridge and turn it on low.

If you burn your mouth when eating spicy foods, instead of reaching for water, eat something sweet!

According to Marilyn vos Savant of “Ask Marilyn”, hard water is the version to drink, while soft water is desired for washing things.
That's because hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are essential to the human diet (naturally healthy components of water).
Naturally soft water has little or no mineral content (for example, rainwater). Water softening is removing the minerals in water by artificial means, this process will make the water salty, which in turn may render it unsuitable for drinking or even for watering plants (You'll end up with sodium ions instead of calcium and magnesium).

2013: A Short List of the Year in Food

• Thanksgiving and Hanukkah occurred on the same day, an event that hasn't happened in 125 years (since 1888). The next one will be in 79,000 years!

• Notorious behavior-Paula Deem and Nigella Lawson

Sriracha-the hot sauce with the rooster on the bottle

• The culinary combacks of Wonder Bread, Twinkies and other Hostess brand treats

• The phasing out of artificial trans fat

• New school cafeteria rules

• The Food Stamp Program

• The Cronut and the Ramen (noodle) Burger

• Greek yogurt and kale (particularly salads)

• New veggie food magazines

• The Food Network turned 20! And “The Chew” had its 500th episode!

• The popular website of had a spinoff; a hard print, magazine version.

• Fast-food workers nationwide protested for higher wages.

• Computer tablets began replacing paper menus and order pads.

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