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'Food Network Star:' Over the top culinary experience

Judge and mentor on Food Network Star, chef Bobby Flay
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Last night on the “Food Network Star” the remaining six cooks were in Las Vegas and informed that they would be divided in two teams and each would create an unforgettable dinning experience for the judges, along with Susie Fogelson, Bob Tuschman and special guest judge Penn Jillett.

The bottom two cooks from last week got to be the captains for this challenge and they would pick the rest of their team, Emma’s team had Lenny and Loreal, and Sarah’s had Nicole and Lucca.

There are some cooks here who talk much, but are beginning to lose focus Loreal and Lenny, both have had their high points, nevertheless, lately have fallen short and do they so far have a personality that viewers would watch on a regular basis? Not likely. Loreal seems a bit corny at times, Lenny on the other hand either too loud, or just blah. Sarah’s team took the win this week, but she has not been consistent, and despite being at the bottom, those along with her have been a touch worse, thus saving her for one more week, last night she gave a hint as to what her point of view is and if she does not lose her focus then perhaps she would be a contender. Nicole is an inviting personality and her point of view has always been clear and yes, viewers would love to watch her and take hints from her way of cooking. Lucca has good interesting stories and if he keeps his nerves in check and controls his speech, then without question he could also be at the top.

The judges without question decided that the bottom team was Emma’s, whose food was not impressive and the theme and stories were just thrown in the spur of the moment, and at times sounded creepy and odd. Emma unfortunately was sent home, she has been at the bottom several times and although interesting, she does not have that in your-face yet subdue manner required for television. Recaps and episodes can be watched on

“Food Network Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.

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