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'Food Network Star:' Lucca returns with a vengeance

Giada De Laurentiis mentor and judge on Food Network Star
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Sunday night’s installment of “Food Network Star” the remaining five cooks were told that once in New York they would each go to specific locale within “Chelsea Market” headquarters of Food Network and they would do a live demo for the judges and explain the food they were tasting.

Lucca, who was eliminated, but came back upon winning redemption kicked it out of the park, he was engaging, calm, and seemed like a true food network star, Nicole did a great job, adding some of her own point of view to what she was tasting, ultimately she won the challenge, Sarah had difficulty listening, but managed to save herself by comically and in the spur of the moment taking a bite of the fruit she was talking about, Lenny, was lost only rumbled on and did not make any sense, Loreal, who continues bragging about being “The Butcher Babe” was randomly given a meat store, however, missed the opportunity to bring her point of view and shine as she believes she should.

By winning the first challenge Nicole was given an advantage for the elimination round, and that consisted of picking a family for the other contestants and herself, in which they would do a presentation of a dish suited for the family’s needs on the Rachael Ray Show. Lucca was first and his presentation was flawless and addressed the family’s issue of kids not eating vegetables, Nicole was next and she also addressed the issue for her family that being a twist on their nightly meat and potatoes, but she added hot sauce at the end and one of the kids spat the food, Lenny, had a mishap during the presentation but no one noticed and still managed to address his family’s dinner problem, also was engaging and entertaining, Loreal family’s issue was easy on the go food, and she decided on a dish with many steps that did not resolve the problem at all, and her want to be easy going attitude has become overwhelming and no longer amusing, Sarah, would do herself a favor, by not worrying so much about the other cooks and addressing her own shortcomings, her dish did address the family’s issue but she was technical and neither engaging nor entertaining.

The top two were Lucca and Lenny, Nicole has improved on camera, so she moved on to next week, and Sarah was saved only because Loreal did a worse job. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Food Network Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.

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