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'Food Network Star:' Cook and instruct in 15 minutes

Chef Bobby Flay judge on Food Network Star
Chef Bobby Flay judge on Food Network Star
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

On Sunday night’s episode of “Food Network Star” the 11 cooks were placed before a camera with common ingredients and given 15 minutes to instruct viewers on how to prepare a dish, and unbeknownst to them, iron chef Alex Guarnaschelli was on the other side of the camera following their every step and with the judges watching.

Lenny without question blew the challenge out of the water he made eye contact, was entertaining, gave pointers, and finished his food. It seemed as though he has been this for years, fabulous presentation, he is definitely a contender and so far he is in the lead. Nicole, was pleasant and gave pointers, Sarah didn’t quite hit the mark on her point of view, which is date night, nevertheless, did much better than last week, and so did Emma. Loreal was a bit lost and confused, and Ruben must not get lost in his Spanish heritage and when using specific words, needs to remember to explain what they mean.

Luca was unable to look at the camera throughout the whole presentation, Chris was unable to finish his food and seemed a bit out of sorts, and Kenny spent most of his time talking about fish, forgot to heat up the pan, the stove did not turn on and he appeared to have given up and did not finish cooking either. These three were at the bottom, Kenny fess up to his mistakes which score him points with the judges, Chris listened carefully, and Luca admitted that he had never before stood in front of a camera while explaining what he was cooking.

The judges deliberated and at the end decided that Luca’s inexperience with the camera was an insurmountable obstacle in such short period of time, and he was the second cook to be eliminated.

“Food Network Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.