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'Food Network Star:' And the winner is...

Mentor and judge on Food Network Star, Alton Brown
Photo by Rick Diamond

Last night on “Food Network Star” the winner was announced, the grueling competition of 10 weeks came to its conclusion. The final three were Nicole, Luca, and Lenny.

America voted for whom it would like to watch on the Food Network week after week, and this is Lenny. Yes, indeed, Lenny won the ultimate prize, is he someone that will make a mark on the Food Network lineup? Doubtful. He is a character, but not one that viewers will enjoy watching on a regular basis, because he appears too eager to please and somewhat condescending as he appeared upon being told he was the winner, and rather than being thankful appeared meek and humble before judges and network executives. There has been one over the top personality on this show and this is Guy Fieri, incomparable, fun to watch, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and entertaining. Any other winner in this competition just needs to be knowledgeable, other than that, big personalities will always be compared to the great and one and only Guy Fieri and those are shoes that will not be filled anytime soon…

The show is suppose to be the “Gourmet Cowboy”, of course the show will have to be watched before any real conclusion can be reached, but based on Lenny’s ten week journey, the doubt remains that he will be able to merge his cooking along with his entertaining and if he goes too far on the latter, the former will falter and the final product will not be anything worth talking about.

There will be a new season of “Food Network Star” and the hope will remain that it will not disappoint once the winner is revealed, but that is a year from now perhaps. Luca seemed more sophisticated and his point of view was intriguing and full of helpful tips, Nicole also could have presented a show that was entertaining and conducive to preparing better meals at home. America however, made its decision and only time will tell. Recaps and information on this show can be found at

“Food Network Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.

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