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'Food Network Star:' All about social media

Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis judges on Food Network Star
Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis judges on Food Network Star
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

On Sunday night’s installment of “Food Network Star” the 9 remaining cooks were met by Bobby Flay, who inform them that their first challenge was to create a video selfie, where they could talk about the Food Networks stage, behind the scenes personnel, anything and everything they felt would be interesting to their viewers and as well provide a quick kitchen tip that anyone can use. And the winner would have a huge advantage on the elimination challenge, Emma took the grand prize by appearing friendly and charismatic.

The contestants were taken to You Tube Space L.A. the west coast flagship of the video channel, there they were met by Alton Brown and Bobby Flay, and they were informed that they would be divided in teams of 3 and each team would create a buzz worthy promotional video, Emma who had the advantage would create the teams including her own, and she chose to work with Nicole and Reuben, second team Lenny, Christopher, and Aryen, and the third by default would be Sarah, Chris, and Loreal, each team was assigned a well known candy product, Emma’s team would work with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, second team with Payday, and the third with Almond Joy Mounds Candy.

They all created or at least attempted to create what would be memorable and even go viral, Lenny, Christopher, and Aryen seemed to go overboard with a Frankenstein type of monster craving Payday and made up of the candy bars, Emma, Nicole, and Reuben worked on some type of Spanish class were the pronunciation circled around Reese’s, and Sarah, Chris, and Loreal just seemed unable to agree on anything. They all received assistance from Shaycarl Internet sensation as well as Talent & Co-founder Maker Studios.

The judges along with executives from You Tube and the contestants watched all three demos, and they all had their high and low points, but at the end Emma, Nicole, and Reuben took the win, Sarah, Chris and Loreal were just slightly better and they took second place, and that meant that Christopher, Lenny, and Aryen were at the bottom, Lenny was saved because of his commitment to every challenge and hot holding back, no matter how insane or outlandish his behavior may appear. And because of the earlier challenge in which they all created a selfie type of video and Christopher’s was a bit more informative, Aryen was this week’s eliminated contestant.

“Food Network Star” runs on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT on the Food Network.