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Food meets fashion at Wendy's party hosted by Molly Sims (Exclusive Interview)

Actress and Fashion Icon Molly Sims adds style to Wendy's #NewSaladCollection at an exclusive fashion event to celebrate their new Asian Cashew Chicken and BBQ Ranch Chicken Salads and kick off online style board contests where Molly will be the judge on
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Fashionistas and foodies got together at an exclusive fashion event at a Wendy’s restaurant on 714 Third Avenue in New York City, where Molly Sims was a special host on March 19. We got a chance to check out the new campaign that celebrates the recent launch of Wendy’s new premium Asian Cashew Chicken and BBQ Ranch Chicken salads. “The New Salad Collection from Wendy’s” campaign is a partnership with mood board fashion site Polyvore. The contest calls on consumers to create online style boards inspired by the flavors and primary colors of Wendy’s new salads for a chance to win items from their boards.

The salads where accompanied by refreshing mocktails such as cucumber mint, spicy lemonade, and surprisingly good cashew smoothie. The Asian Cashew Chicken salad was fresh and tasty! With red peppers, and edamame giving it tons of color. the cashews and dressing gave it perfect spicy taste.

One of the restaurant’s walls was transformed into an interactive polyvore board. Guests could pick their favorite magnets with photos of food and apparel. They could then display them in the wall; while the event’s stylist would pick a piece of jewelry they received as a gift to match their style.

Read our exclusive interview with Molly Sims here:

How did the collaboration with Wendy’s came about?

I think they wanted a redhead or someone who looked like Wendy! You know they wanted to mix fashion and flavor and they wanted to mix fashion and food. And bringing in polyvore contest and having to draw inspiration from anything, it was a neat thing. Being such a mass company it was important to have a core element to it. These two salads are super healthy. There are two portions full portion and half portion. The dressings don’t have MSG or preservatives.

Tell us some of your preferred health tips.

You can’t be on a diet your whole life. Don’t cut out everything. Don’t cut out bread and chocolate, if you cut it out you only crave it more. A great trick to drink more water is drink it with a straw. Try not to eat too late, or eat bread after 6 o clock. Don’t eat all the calories you just burnt off.

In regards to fashion, do you think you can get inspiration from anything?

Yes, I think designers do, the love of travel and home, and even walking down the street, nature is a big inspiration. I think it is so cool that the girls have to pull the colors out of the food.

Which one is your favorite salad? And what ingredient inspired you the most to make your board?

The Asian! I like them both I love the boyfriend jean and the sailor sweater, and I also love the color blocking which is more a sexy Asian global influence, mixing with heels, gold jewelry, and a great bag. I got inspired mostly by the colors of the food, like a roasted edamame and cashew. A little bit spicier.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your upcoming projects?

I am writing a book called "The Everyday Supermodel" that is coming out at the end of the year with Harper Collins. I am also doing guest star roles, I just did one for "The Carrie Diaries." I also have which is a great blog and it has all my lifestyle tips.

What do you recommend for the stylish New Yorker who is tired of this weather?

A leather jacket! A leather jacket in nude or cognac or camel, one that is more in a lighter color for spring and summer is essential.

Fans can visit to check out Sims’ collections and create their own mood boards, using Wendy’s salad images and items inspired by them. Consumers then tag their board with #NewSaladCollection for a chance to win $1,000, which can be used to stock up on styles they’ve pinned. Consumers will have four opportunities to participate between now and July. Contest open and close dates are as follows:

• Now – March 24
• April 14 – April 20
• June 16 – June 22
• Early July

Estefania Garcia-Correa contributed reporting.

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