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Food manufaturers responding to consumers; removing chemicals from ingredients

Food manufacturer Kraft Foods announced it will remove chemical from list of ingredients in popular convenience foods.
Food manufacturer Kraft Foods announced it will remove chemical from list of ingredients in popular convenience foods.

It's a good news day when a major manufacturer of food announces it will remove a chemical from its list of ingredients.

Kraft Foods says it will remove sorbic acid from it's foods and replace it with the naturally occurring mold inhibitor, Natamycin. This is welcome news since foods should have real food ingredients. Their labels of ingredients shouldn't read like a college chemistry assignment.

Food writer Clare Leschin-Hoar reported this on She notes that this is yet another unnecessary (or harmful) chemical disappearing from the grocery aisle shelves like "artificial preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, added salt and sugars, and trans fats".

This bit of goodness follows on the heels of a recent announcement from Subway (and Pizza Hut) that they'll be taking out azodicarbonomide from their breads. Apparently, we've all been eating yoga mats instead of eating "Fresh" as advertised. Azodicarbonmide is a key chemical in yoga mats that makes them soft and cushy. while this is nice - when doing yoga- I don't want to eat one. Long term studies of ingesting this stuff hasn't been conducted so we have no idea of the future affects - much like many things put out into the market by those in a hurry to either make a fast dollar or to just cut corners or costs. (Think of tobacco, asbestos, nuclear waste, pink slime used to make chicken nuggets, processed corn filler in fast food burgers, GMOs - all examples of things out there to use or consume that were hyped as safe but we're now seeing that isn't/wasn't true).

Food activism works. You just have to speak out - with your voice as well as with your choice of purchases. When you choose organic over cheap processed and inorganically grown with pesticides, you cast your vote for healthier farming and food manufacturing practices. When you see a list of chemicals instead of a list of food ingredients in your restaurant foods and you tell the manager and/or sign petitions requesting they take those chemicals out, you make a difference.

Remember that the consumers have the power. No one can make you buy and eat something you don't want. If you see something unnatural and possibly harmful on your grocer's shelves or favorite restaurant's menu, say something. It's working.

Now go forth and feel just a little bit better about your Kraft cheese slices, Subway sandwiches, and Pizza Hut rolls.

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