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Food is fun at Bites Asian Tapas

Asian Bites Tapas, where food is fun
Asian Bites Tapas, where food is fun
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An enjoyable night around the table with friends and family creates memories that will remain long after the last bite is eaten. Bites Asian Tapas brings the small plates concept to a different cuisine, Asian. For the girls night out or a weekend evening with old friends, Bites Asian Tapas is the perfect locale for the next dinner out.

Bites Asian Tapas, pink noodles
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Many diners are familiar with the tapas concept. These small dishes are designed to be shared amongst a table and enjoyed with a beverage. Instead of the traditional Spanish cuisine, Bites Asian Tapas brings the bold, bright flavors of Asia to the small plate concept.

To begin the meal, Bites offers a wide variety of cocktails, wines and craft beers. A few of the must try cocktails include Gentlemen’s Wood, which is Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Cherry, Mango, Orange Bitters or Ms. Gardenia, which is Gin, Simple Syrup, Rambutan Juice, Midori, Lemon. These two cocktails will awaken the palate for the journey of flavors ahead.

The Asian cuisine is perfect for the tapa small plate concept because it allows diners to enjoy a wide variety of dishes without feeling over-indulgent. Start the meal with a few dishes and order more as your appetite desires. With a variety of fish, meat and vegetarian options, everyone can find a dish or two to try. By the end of the evening, everyone at the table will be satisfied without feeling over-whelmed.

A few highlights from the Bites Asian Tapas menu include

  • Pretty in Pink: Rice Noodles in Bites Signature Sauce, Tofu, Omelette, Scallion, Crush Peanut, Sesame Seed
  • Pig in The Garden: Lettuce Wrapped With Pork, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Top with Crispy Noodles
  • Crying Amigo Tacos: Grilled Rib-Eye, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado, Cilantro with Lime Sauce
  • Kimchi Egg Roll: Shrimp, Cabbage, Carrot, Scallion, Glass Noodles, Sesame Seed, Wonton, Sweet & Sour Sauce
  • Tuna Tataki: Seared Tuna, Vegetable Pickled, Ponzu Sauce, Sriracha

The variety of menu dishes will keep diners returning time and time to the restaurant. Starting in April, a Sunday brunch menu will return. From a quick bite on the way home from a Cubs game to a leisurely Saturday date with friends, this restaurant is a top pick.

Bites Asian Tapas is located at 3313 North Clark Street,Chicago, IL, 60657. For more information on Bites Asian Tapas, please visit its website at

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