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Food Huggers keep fruits and veggies fresher longer

Food Huggers
Food Huggers
Food Huggers

Cooking food at home can be a challenge, especially when it comes to leftover fruits and vegetables. Keeping them fresh for several days after slicing into can be a difficult feat unless you have some Food Huggers on hand.

These cute colorful reusable silicone covers are designed to wrap (or literally hug) your leftover fruits and veggies to keep them fresh until you need them the next time. From tomatoes and onions to lemons and grapefruit, they fit snugly around the cut portion to seal the air out.

The result? Fresh fruit and vegetables stay fresher longer. We love eliminating the need for cling wrap or aluminum foil, which always seemed to fall off and spoil the food.

Food Huggers are available for $19 (set of 4); Avocado Huggers are $14 (set of 2).

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