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Food has a love language all its own

“A love language all its own”--no, we are not talking about music, but food. That is how Albuquerque nutritionist and personal chef Carolyn Stapleton describes food—a love language all its own. And, like any relationship, you have good times and you have bad times, but you keep focused on the goal to get through it all.

With food, overweight people are, according to Stapleton, scared and filling themselves with things (read: food) that are comforting and familiar. The problem, though, is that those things are not always good. And rather than comforting us, certain foods feed a whole other machine, not the comfort side we think we are seeking, but a toxic machine: toxins that include yeast, pathogens, a leaky gut, bowl stagnation, and more.

So why would someone cater to the bad side of food? Stapleton says it is because people’s priorities are all over the place. Where one person might find comfort in a jelly donut, another might find it in a bag of potato chips or a supersized container of popcorn. Others not into food to comfort them may find it in shoes, clothes, or whatever the addiction might be. (At least those don’t put on pounds!) What some consider a luxury—you know, those who complain that it is too expensive to really eat a healthy diet every day—others consider eating healthy an investment, an investment in their health and living longer. As anyone will tell you, and she reiterates, the food is really much more than the food. With the busy lives people lead, they are not focused on the most important thing they need: to be and stay healthy.

No matter where you are on the continuum of health, a nutritionist can help you move to where you want to go—presumably, to a better place. Stapleton says that you cannot measure your standards for being healthy against someone else’s. The person who keeps putting off losing weight may be living in fear of defeat, as evidenced by a constant pattern of losing and gaining through yo-yo dieting.

You can dream all you want, and make excuses that only you believe. But the only thing that counts in the weight loss world is a true and lifelong commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. And that does not start on January 1, or after you return from vacation, or after your big birthday party--it starts NOW.


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