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Food from a movie set 'A Perfect Prank'

Catering from set
Catering from set
Daniel Choi

When people go to the movies, they have theater food which they can choose from to eat as they enjoy their movie. Well, in order for that movie to be made, the cast and crew have to eat to keep them energized.

In June we visited the set of the short film 'A Perfect Prank' to see exactly what the cast and crew eat. Production manager Jennifer Giron was able to provide a sample menu for a day on set...


Breakfast consisted of cold and hot cereal for those wanting a quick eat, or scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and fresh fruit as well.


For lunch the cast and crew were able to enjoy hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey burgers, and even vegan burgers with chips.


A typical dinner would include baked lasagna, garlic bread, salad for one day, and on another it could include a chicken alfredo with vegetables.

Craft Services

In between meals, Giron said that craft services would also provide all sorts of snacks from M&M's to fruit, energy drinks, water, juices, and in between long takes pizza.

Next time you head out to see a film, just remember many mouths were fed to put that production together!


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