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"Food for Thought"

The First Lady and "Let's Move"
The First Lady and "Let's Move"
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I first heard about this news from a friend who said, "Well, have you heard? It looks like Chick-fil-A is getting attacked again." So the curiosity got me and the hunt began on reading articles.

The First Ladies, Let's Move "Americas move to raise a healthier generation of kids" campaign website has this quote, "Helpful tips and step-by-step strategies for families, schools and communities to help kids be more active, eat better and grow up healthy," in which I could not agree more.

Providing TIPS and education .. NOT DEMANDS or Laws for our families, students and communities is the right way to go.

Put phys ed back in the schools along with Music and Dance programs that create movement. Provide CLASSES in the Culinary Arts, and eating healthy. Educate EducatORS about how to live it out and to be the example in the schools and communities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cup cake, chick fil A or the likes when IN BALANCE unless there is an allergy against the ingredients, etc...

Recently, our daughter, who does not have allergies for wheat, etc.. after watching Dr. Oz program on Gluten and doing her own research, she made the decision to be gluten free at ever area of her life and is making healthier choices for eating and exercise. Due to her results, our family has become more in tune with gluten free living and are making better choices for food intake as well as we are all going on runs for causes. It has been an exciting new journey. E D U C A T I O N. Props to Dr. Oz for doing just that. NO LAWS rather Education.

EDUCATION for the EDUCATORS, for parents, communities is key in this movement. Providing OPTIONS not LAWS. When food becomes a LAW, well.

FOX NEWS story from Todd Starnes is an eye opener. Here is a blurb from his article and the link you can read for yourself on FOX Nation

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By Todd Starnes, FOX NEWS

The First Lady of these United States has declared war on Chick-fil-A.

It seems the home of plump juicy breasts and hot buttered buns has run afoul of the new Smart Snacks in School program. The program is a component of Mrs. Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

The new government regulations require snack items served in public schools to have less than two hundred calories. That includes vending machines, lunch rooms and other campus food venues.

And that’s really bad news for kids at South Carolina’s Socastee High School. They’ve just learned they will no longer be allowed to buy Chick-fil-A sandwiches at school.

“They don’t meet the standards,” Principal Paul Browning told the Myrtle Beach Sun News. “We’re struggling with it.”

Hunger pains aside, there’s another consequence to the Chick-fil-A ban – all the profits funded field trips for the school’s special education students.

“The Chick-fil-A profits went directly to the field trips,” the principal told the newspaper. “We’ve got to raise some money, but we will figure something out.”

Maybe they could get the math students to figure out how many carrot sticks they’ll have to sell to send the youngsters to Six Flags.

Ever since Mrs. Obama named herself as America’s Lunch Lady, students across the fruited plain have been in full-scale rebellion. The government mandated smaller portions have been met with great resistance – especially in farming communities.

Since 2010, participation in the National School Lunch Program declined by 1.2 million students. That’s a 3.7 percent drop. Red-blooded American kids are rising up and declaring, “Just Say No to Kumquats.”

School leaders are bracing for the outrage when returning students learn that there won’t be any more bake sales. No more cupcakes. No more Cheese Doodles. Just bottled water and fat-free kale chips – all thanks to Mrs. Obama’s meddling.

Remember that the next time you see Mrs. Obama scarfing down a burrito and chili cheese fries — while telling the rest of us to eat our Brussels sprouts.

Just some food for thought.

And according to article by Kyle Olson: "School bans Chick-fil-A to comply with Michelle O’s lunch rules"

Others aren’t taking the new federal rules quite so easily.

“I would tell her, mom to mom, to stay out of my child’s lunch box. She can feed her kids whatever she wants, but if I want to feed my kids a cupcake and peanut butter sandwich, it isn’t her business. Here in fly over country, we like cupcakes,” former Howell, Michigan school board member Wendy Day tells EAGnews.

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