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Food for children

Stealing food from children
Stealing food from children
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

One sometimes wonders at the utter cruelty of Republican politicians. Until we learn that they plan to literally take food from the mouths of hungry children.

Last week, House Republicans revised a pilot program to provide free meals for children during the summer, when free school lunches aren’t available.. First…no surprise…they cut funding for the program by more than two-thirds, from $85 million to $27 million. And then they stipulated that the program would apply to rural not urban children. Guess who represents most “rural” children?

There is really nothing new about this. Republicans have been trying to gut any programs that help the poor. Just last year, their budget tried to cut $40 billion from SNAP…otherwise known as the food stamp program…and did manage to cut $5 billion from it. The party of “family values” ignores the fact that 60% of SNAP recipients are families with children. So they are already practiced at denying food to the children of poor Americans.

But this latest attack is both the most egregious and the most transparent. It is both bigoted…and shows Congressional Republicans for exactly the racists they are.

For “urban” read minority. For “rural” read white.

Nor are the R’s attacks on “urban” minorities anything new. Just this spring, Paul Ryan decried “urban” men men who have no culture of working for a living and are thus dependent on government assistance. This has been the Republican line on the poor since the days of Ronald Reagan’s “welfare queens”. They continue to oppose raising the minimum wage…despite the fact it could raise millions from poverty…and block extending unemployment benefits. Of course, Rep. Ryan claimed there was nothing racial about his statement…and every other Republican claim there is nothing racial about their opposition to any of these programs. And ignore that Confederate flag flying over their shoulders.

The Republican Party has become the party of rich old white men. The only poor people with any value to the R’s are poor whites with their guns and their bibles. If you live in a city and might need some sort of government assistance to get you by…well, the R’s really don’t want you. And they don’t think the government should help you either. If you think this might have something to do with the color of your skin…well, you’re probably right about that.

There are those who believe that the government has some responsibility for the welfare of its citizens...ALL its citizens. They're called Democrats and a lot of them are running for election this fall. You might consider voting for them.

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