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Food fight charges: Students say consequences post-senior prank are too harsh

There are food fight charges pending for eight students from Wilson Central High School in Lebanon, Tenn. What started as a senior prank on “Taco Day” has now led to formal punishments. The Lebanon Democrat shared the details.

At this point the food fight charges apply to four juvenile students as well as four adult students. They have been charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct, all of the charges being misdemeanors. In addition, the students face consequences from the district itself as well and there may be more students charged as authorities review the surveillance video.

According to details shared by Huffington Post, the prank escalated from food being thrown to having chairs tossed around and tables turned over. In addition to the food fight charges, some of the seniors also face the consequence of not being allowed to walk in their upcoming graduation. Some of the students say they wanted to pull off a senior prank that would have people talking for years, but it seems they may now have gotten more than they anticipated.

Some of those affected by the food fight charges think the consequences are going too far, according to WSMV. It seems they are willing to accept the charges, but think being pulled from the graduation day proceedings is too much. The parents, apparently, even planned to talk to the school board aiming to get the graduation consequence lifted. Did the food fight charges and consequences go too far?

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