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Food fight charges: Barred from graduation walk? Teen 'taco' prank gone wrong

Food fight charges have been filed against several high school teens who engaged what was supposed to be just a fun, harmless senior prank. In this “Taco Day” prank gone wrong, the seniors are actually facing real criminal charges after they started a food fight at Wilson Central High School’s cafeteria in Lebanon, Tennessee. The Guardian LV News describes the details in this strange case — and a punishment that includes being barred from walking the line at graduation — this Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Food fight leads to criminal charges for teens
Creative Commons, Twitter

While it may appear that the only result of this crime was a loss of perfectly good tacos on Taco Day, the food fight charges a number of teens are now facing is all too real. A local Lebanon newspaper reported that the students were just trying to create a unique senior prank, but the school was having none of it, especially after the food fight became so drastic that some students started lifting up chairs to hurl at one another.

"We all stood up and said 'food fight!' And just started throwing food," Daren Romkee, a senior student at Wilson Central High School said in a statement to a local news source, seemingly proud of the prank. "This is going down in the books."

Now, however, some students need to face the music, and that includes criminal charges. Others involved in orchestrating or participating in the food fight are also being barred from walking during their upcoming graduation, which some feel is a punishment way too strict for the “crime” itself.

"I think everything else we got is tolerable. You gotta do it. But walking the line, that's taking away something that's once in a lifetime," one student said to the press.

Delish News adds this afternoon that at this point and time, a total of eight students are being formally accused of disorderly conduct and vandalism, all falling under the food fight charges, apparently. Local Lebanon Sheriff Robert Bryan added that “there are probably more charges to come in the near future” once disciplinary investigation into the "Taco Day" prank completes.

Although some people may applaud the law cracking down on these students for starting a potentially dangerous food fight, other groups — including the American Civil Liberties Union — feel that these harsh consequences are a bit too much, and leading to even more problems. The press release notes that the over-criminalization targeted towards students (high school students in particular) is in fact leading to a school-to-prison pipeline that only damages students and families more.

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