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‘Food Court Wars’ season premiere Sunday

Tyler Florence
Photo by Rodrigo Varela

Food Network is bringing back “Food Court Wars” which will premiere Sunday, Feb. 23. The show, hosted by Tyler Florence, puts two teams to the test to win their own food court restaurant.

Each week two teams will be challenged using their food, their concept, and their branding in a different city mall across the U.S. The prize is a food court restaurant rent-free for one year; a prize worth $100,000.

On the season premiere episode the two teams will head to Traverse City, Mich. House of Doggs is run by Nick and Autumn, a husband and wife team. They are hoping to expand since their current location is less than ideal. Matts’ Beignets is run by friends Matt and Matt, who are hoping to expand their concept and love of the food.

On upcoming episodes the show travels to cities including West Dundee, Ill., Zanesville, Ohio, and Lewisville, Texas. The team concepts and foods range from a gastropub to a breakfast theme to a chicken salad concept. Sisters, friends, newlyweds, and other pairs are set to put everything they have worked for to the test, but which teams will have what it takes?

Tune into Food Network to catch the season premiere of “Food Court Wars” this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST. Then check back each week to route for your favorite team!

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