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Food book of the week: a review

Rachael Rays latest book called Week in a Day is a huge success! In the book, Rachael shares five seasons’ worth of recipes featured on the show, (more than 250 recipes!), offering her strategies for preparing a week’s worth of meals, for yourself or the whole family, in just one day so you can eat well every day of the week with minimal effort.

You and your family can enjoy up to a full year’s worth of delicious meals with Rachael’s practical tips and shopping lists that will take you through the weeks with as much ease and little work as possible.

Rachael even shows you how to fit all the groceries you need for three fabulous meals into a single bag with her special section, 1 Grocery Bag, 3 Meals. She also provides a list of her Foundation Recipes, recipes that make a big batch of an ingredient, such as poached chicken, that yields a variety of dishes throughout the week!

Here's why I liked it so much:
When I read it I enjoyed the way it was written with smartphone tags and all kinds of "video"surprises! I also enjoyed the ingredient glossary so that I can go by what I have in my pantry that night and don't have to do any unneeded grocery shopping. I like that she has a three meals in one grocery bag section too. She is making life easier for the busy women and men of our society while also helping us cook healthy and cheap meals for ourselves. This in turn has helped me personally real the benefits of home cocking while also working hard outside if the home which should cut down on stress and disease.

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