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Food artisans like Baltimore's Eana's Kitchen will put food trucks out of biz

Food artisans like Baltimore's Eana's Kitchen will put food trucks out of biz
Food artisans like Baltimore's Eana's Kitchen will put food trucks out of biz
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Food trucks are so 2012-2013. I'm telling ya', food artisans who will send fresh goodies to your door -- no matter where you live in the US -- are the wave of the future!

I was very happy to be hosted by Eana's Kitchen to experience her creations! Shop owner Angela Reeves just happens to be in Baltimore and I just happen to be in Baltimore, but she's an artisan food producer with a shop on, the handcrafted sales site. Angela will send freshly baked, unique creations wherever you need them! Let's face it, the charm of running after a Good Humor food truck ended about age 11. Who can be bothered to chase after lunch in bad weather? Plus, there's always the dripping your lunch down your shirt while you're on break from work aspect. Ugh! Just order what you want and eat it at home or wherever!

Eana's Kitchen currently features Caribbean-Southern treats. Savory, Crispy Guyanese Cheese Straws are rich pastries, very cheesy, with a kick of spice. You'll have to discipline yourself not to eat the whole batch at once and that's not easy.

Pineapple Tart Pastries - Authentic Guyanese are also very special -- delicately sweet, great to accompany coffee, in the morning for breakfast. Here's what she says about them:

Each Pine tart is lovingly hand-made from scratch. Carefully and artfully folded by hand into a handsome and enticing tri-fold shell and coated with a light dusting of egg for crispness and flavor. The secret of each Pastry lies not only in its shell, but the incredible Pineapple Jam filling: Light, yet flavorful. Sweet, but not overpowering - it is a perfect compliment to the incredibly light and flavorful pastry shell. One tart is simply not enough; they will leave you salivating and begging for more.

These pastries reflect passion and love for authentic Guyanese cuisine. A true culinary artist who has (over time) honed her art of pastry preparation into some of the finest and most unique on earth.

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