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Food and the Adopted Child

When we adopt our children, they have developed at least nine months in their biological mother's womb. Sometimes they have spent a considerable amount of time living in this world with other people before we enter into their lives. In our society, food can range from what can be found at a convenience store to what can be found in an organic market. Your income level can determine what types of foods you eat. Sometimes a late night buy of a convenience store hot dog is just a hankering. Sometimes this is how our children ate each meal in the past.

Ideas to consider while raising adopted children and their eating habits:

First, children sometimes adapt to our eating habits and sometimes they do not. Being respectful of their food choices helps them to enter our lives in a comfortable way. Sometimes macaroni and cheese is the only thing they have left of their biological family. Making a fresh batch each night for dinner helps you to connect to them too.

Secondly, sometimes food becomes a control issue. When this is happens, do not make it an issue. Always have a staple on hand for them to eat while you eat the food you want to prepare. Old ideas about "we all are going to eat the same food" sets your dinner table up for a battle ground. Allow grace to come to your table for others viewpoints, not anger. Our oldest son did not like to eat the food we ate most of the time. I simply fixed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a salad on those nights. We sat down, talked and ate food with no pressure. Mission accomplished.

Thirdly, provide healthy snacks and use good organic vitamins to supplement good health. This will help you to fill in the gaps of their meal time eating. As your child grows, if you notice your child eating odd food items, talk to your family physician about your concerns.

Food can be a wonderful way to love your adopted child. Remembering their needs helps you be a supportive person in their life.

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