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Food and drug administration warning for using sodium phosphate

The (FDA) Food and Drug Administration has just announced a safety warning on 1/8/2014 for the (OTC) over-the-counter laxative products containing sodium phosphate drug to treat constipation.

Drink Organic Smooth Move to have a Smooth Movement
Drink Organic Smooth Move to have a Smooth Movement
Dianne Tyndall

The FDA website states that the drug can cause serious health conditions such as severe dehydration, damage to heart and kidneys, and even death in some rare cases if the product sodium phosphate is taken in the wrong dosage, they warn that taking more than one dose in 24 hours can be fatal.

Sodium Phosphate Laxative Alternative:

There are many more choices out there for treating constipation, some doctor prescribed and other over-the-counter products. For a safer choice than using sodium phosphate as your laxative, you can try an herbal tea mixture sold on-line and in grocery stores that comes in single tea bags ready to use. One name brand that works well is Organic Smooth Move. The main ingredient is organic senna leaf and extract.

The makers of Organic Smooth Move boast that they are the only North American tea company using pharmacopoeial grade herbs.

Organic Smooth Move directions for use are drink 1 cup preferably at bedtime, or as directed by a doctor.

Before you try any new medication or herbal remedy you should always consult your primary physician to be sure that the product is safe and the right dosage for your body age, size, and type.

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