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Food allergy tattoos for kids

Food allergy temporary tattoos can protect your child.
Food allergy temporary tattoos can protect your child.

Food allergies in the US are on the rise. According to FARE (Food Allergy and Research Education), about 8% of children, or 6 million kids, have food allergies. With school starting, parents have growing concerns that their children will not encounter foods items that can possibly trigger what could be a life threatening event. Even in classrooms where food allergy signs are posted, information isn’t always disseminated quickly or accurately to parents of all the students.

Eight foods account for 90% of all food allergies in children. They are milk, eggs, peanuts, other tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish. Children can be especially sensitive to exposure to even very small amounts of a potential allergy causing food. While parents can control the food items their child brings to school for lunch, they cannot control menu selections of other students. Also, many seemingly safe foods can contain hidden allergy triggers, such as peanut oil.

Now, a new product has the potential to help eliminate exposure to food allergy triggers in a very visible way. Safety Tat, the inventor of temporary safety tattoos for kids, now offers a new line of food allergy tattoos just in time for the beginning school year. Already known for their award winning customizable temporary tattoos to help find a lost child that allow parents to add phone numbers to a child’s temporary tattoo, the food allergy tattoos’ bright colors make them visible to adults as an alert to a potential hazard.

SafetyTat food allergy tattoos do the talking for parents, with the attention-grabbing design so others know what foods are of danger to a child. It’s the perfect safety precaution for a child on the first day of school or camp, at a birthday party or picnic, just in case.

Each tattoo offer two lines of information for special medical attention or a second phone number. “Medical Attention” and “In Case of Emergency” tattoos with areas to include phone numbers or other basic information are also available in this new line of SafetyTat tattoos. Available in 24 packs for $19.99. See the website for more information and to order.

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