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Food Allergies, Picky Eaters, ADHD

Does your food allergy kid eat a lot of grains?  Do you have ADHD concerns?

Hearing the recommendation to have your kiddo tested for ADHD is difficult. I have cried, gotten angry, cried a little more and fortunately do not have a lot of time to sulk.

It's 2014. Who isn't ADHD? Doesn't life require us to be ADHD? Can you remember the last time you went to the store without looking at your phone or remembering you need to do this or that? Just looking at my kids schedule this week is overwhelming, and I am an adult.

Monday: School, 7:25am-2:55pm
After School SOL prep: 3pm-4:30pm
Tuesday: School, 7:25am-2:55pm
After School PTA Class
Wednesday: Repeat Monday
Thursday: School 7:25am-3:45pm
Friday: School 7:25am-3:45pm (potentially after school Lego program, still waiting to hear from the infamous YMCA)

And in between all of this, trying to run a business, keeping my food allergy kiddo safe, set a good example and stay sane by staying physically fit myself….Is this why the majority of the population is dependent on caffeine (not me)? And how do the parents that work 9am-6pm do it?

I have been waiting for one of R's teacher's to come to me since he started preschool and show some concern about his activity level. So why was it so hard to hear? I have always been active in communicating with his teachers and quite honestly have shared those concerns. And I have always been assured that he is just a boy. And bright. He is my first kid so I do not have anything to compare him to. He is an above average student and doesn't seem to be different than other boys, so I thought we were in the clear.

I have had several conversations with my mother, since hearing those initials, ADHD, from my kids school principal. It's only been a few days, I haven't taken him to the pediatrician yet and haven't decided whether I am going to take him at this point. I need to do some research and become better informed before having him officially labeled.

My mother was praying for R, as she often does, with her friend, who happens to be a psychotherapist, and she recommended the book, "Grain Brain."

In my experiences, it seems that a lot of food allergy kids are picky eaters; I'm wondering if the same may be true for ADHD.

Which brings to me to ask you:

  1. Do you have a kid with a food allergy?
  2. If so, is she/he a picky eater?
  3. If yes your kid is a picky eater, does he/she eat a lot of grains?
  4. Have ADHD concerns presented themselves?
  5. If so, have you read the book, "Grain Brain?"

Please share your experiences and thoughts!

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