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Fontana earthquake leaves area residents shaken: 4.4-magnitude quake hits

A Fontana earthquake left many in Southern California shaken Wednesday. The 4.4-magnitude earthquake hit overnight, and ABC 7 shared the details on Jan. 15.

A Fontana earthquake hit Wednesday morning
Photo credit: Mr. Accountable via Wikimedia Commons

The Fontana earthquake hit at around 1:35 a.m. Wednesday morning. The quake was felt throughout the region, but there have been no injuries reported. So far, there does not seem to be any significant damage associated with the earthquake either.

However, the Fontana earthquake was felt by people in the area. The quake apparently woke up quite a few people, and people from areas such as Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, West Los Angeles, Hacienda Heights, San Bernardino and some areas of Orange County reportedly felt the shake.

The Fontana earthquake hit just a couple of days before the anniversary of the devastating Northridge earthquake from 1994. That quake injured more than 5,000 people, killed 57 and caused billions of dollars in damage. Luckily the Fontana earthquake was a very minor quake in comparison, even though it left many a bit shaken, both literally and figuratively.

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