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Fontainebleau? Forget about LIV and head to the Delano


Alexandra and friends by the pool
at the Fontainebleau

For the past year we have all heard and seen the most exclusive articles on the fabulous, extraordinary, and sensational Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. Celebrities have flocked there and people are just dying to get in to its most exclusive night club, LIV. Even its opening party was the foundation of celebrity news for the year 2009; A-rod met Kate and broke up with Madonna, George slept with another waitress, and Paris cheated on Benji with Stavros.... again.

Celebrity bloggers were in heaven. LIV however, is overcrowded with little girls and their coach bags just dying to see Paris Hilton. It is small, tight, and there was a distinct odor that was reminicent of a newly moped floor of a 5th grade classroom. The drinks were expensive, and the VIP was NOTHING special; you get a dirty table with spilt Vodka all over it that looks over the small, and only, dance floor.

After visiting the Fontainebleau on countless occasions, sipping Mojitos poolside, and lounging VIP at the famous LIV nightclub I have come to one final conclusion: It's not impressive.

What is the big deal about this place? Yes, it is a gigantic hotel, and yes celebrities have dined there, but that does not necessarily mean that this spot will impress. The food is average. The service is horrible. The pool is crowded. The nightclub is pathetic.  

Why overwhelm yourself with phony glitz and glamour when you can experience the real thing at The Delano? When looking beyond the temporary glitz and glamour it is evident who the King of Miami Beach is, and that is The Delano. Not only does it provide historical promise to the beach, but it is forever at the top of its game. The Delano has superb grounds and superb service. Its main entry way is the perfect foreshadow for one's stay at the hotel. Tall ceilings decorated by waving fabrics and light samba music adds much to its charm and beauty. The length of pool appears to be endless when standing on the outdoor terrace. It is enclosed by beautiful gardens and peices of art that change with the tide. When underwater one is able to hear the samba music heard in the lobby (beat that Fontainebleau).

To describe it in two words I would say "Miami Magnificence". The pool is pristine with a cool calm. The service in remarkably prompt and polite. The food and cocktails provide one with a true meaning of vacation. And to top it all off, its location is prime. When yearning to escape from the sometimes rowdy South Beach, one can find their center at this gorgeous establishment. They may not have an over excessive night club such as LIV, but the Delano is the perfect place for a night with your man, or woman... or both (hey, its Miami).

So if you are a tourist who likes the facade of Miami Beach, then The Fontainebleau welcomes you with open arms. If you are searching for a true Miami Beach experience with all it has to offer, then be true to yourself and see what it's all about at The Delano. It is as Fabulous as Miami can get!

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  • heber 5 years ago

    LIV... well try THE FLORIDA ROOM @ Delano!!!
    the ambiance and decor has nothing to do with anything that you had ever seen in a Nightclub, so Alex promisse that you'll check it out! I loved it!

  • Jenn 5 years ago

    I agree 100%! It was horrible! They have a lot of work to do...