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Fond farewell to 2012

Eiffel Tower
John Crockett

As the clock ticks off the last minutes of 2012, I hope your craft projects have gone well. At the heart of paper crafting is capturing memories made. It is not about working with the latest trends but leaving lasting memories. It's all too easy to get caught up in making scrapbook pages that have the trendiest items when what is really at the heart of it all are the memories.

I was recently reminded of this simplicity when my brother and his wife came together to scrapbook their first year wedding anniversary trip to France. They showed up at my house with a 30 page scrapbook, $60 worth of stickers and papers, all travel and France themed, and all their favorite photos from the trip. To my amazement they spent five hours together and created a gorgeous album. Gorgeous because it highlights the beauty of their trip and time spent together. The focus is them and their memories made.

I was reminded of my great aunt who was making scrapbooks long before it was an industry. After each trip she took, she put all her pictures and postcards and memorabilia into a book. Then when the family would come over and visit her, she would pull out her book and walk us through her trip. It was the next best thing to being there. She didn't use any fancy embellishments but instead well worn ticket stubs and travel postcards.

As we move into the New Year lets celebrate the memories! I wish you a wonderful New Year!


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