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Following Verizon rate cut, T-Mobile offers $250 to attract BlackBerry users

T-Mobile's latest announcement is that they'll offer BlackBerry users $250 to switch to T-Mobile from other carriers, as reported Feb. 19 on Re/ and The deal gives new T-Mobile subscribers up to $200 credit for trading an old BlackBerry device and an extra $50 if the user buys a new BlackBerry. This follows T-Mobile's initial offer of $200 to switch from BlackBerry to iPhone on T-Mobile, which Blackberry's CEO Chen protested.

T-Mobile is courting Blackberry users by offering them $250 to switch to T-Mobile service.
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T-Mobile has been shaking things up among carriers. They gained 4 million new subscribers in 2013 according to the video attached to this article. It's not clear yet whether that activity will translate to profits for T-Mobile; it is clear that the other carriers are concerned. Sprint, AT&T and Verizon have all offered new deals this year including lower prices as they work to keep customers.

With the announcement last week of the "More Everything" plan from Verizon, that means T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have all made substantial changes to their plans in 2014. In general, Verizon and AT&T are the carriers with the best nationwide coverage and they cost more; however, there are different options for families and different discounts at each carrier so shoppers really need to compare based on the services they will use.

Best advice: before switching, make sure the provider you pick has sufficient service in the areas where you want to use your phone. Then compare prices.

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