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Following the funny: an interview with Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan performs April 25 inside Treasure Island
Tracy Morgan performs April 25 inside Treasure Island
Clay Patrick McBride

Hot on the heels of his new Comedy Central special “Tracy Morgan: Bona Fide,” Emmy-nominated actor/comedian Tracy Morgan returns to Treasure Island Fri., April 25.

Best known for creating such memorable characters as Astronaut Jones and Brian Fellows during his seven-season stint on “Saturday Night Live” and for playing Tracy Jordan on the hit NBC series “30 Rock,” Morgan promises fans “lots of new stuff” as well as some favorites when he takes to the stage just days before kicking off his new stand-up tour, “Turn it Funny.”

“I like to follow things that are funny,” he told “I don’t do anything too political or that people would find too painful, so I won’t be talking about that plane that went missing or anything like that. You have to give a wound time to heal and think of other people’s feelings.”

That doesn’t mean, though, that he won’t talk about some things certain people might find offensive.

“You always have to make a judgment call,” Morgan said. “I just try to stay true to me. If someone is going to be overly sensitive about something, then they should just stay at home and make it a Blockbuster night. You can’t hold a comedian to the same standards as the president. You have to be able to make fun of society’s ills because if people don’t laugh at things, they’re just going to cry over them. That’s what Archie Bunker and George Jefferson and ‘Good Times’ did. Just because you don’t talk about something doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I’m not Ray Romano or Jerry Seinfeld; I’m from the projects, so I can find the funny in it. Don’t act like there’s no crack! People need to stop focusing on the finger pointing toward the moon. It’s like focusing on the size of a man’s penis when you’re making love; if you just focus on that, you’re going to miss out on a good time!”

When asked where he gets his inspiration from, Morgan surprisingly answered his female fan base.

“Ladies are honest,” he said. “They’re my motivation. They know what’s funny and the dudes just follow.”

While Morgan credited a woman’s sense of humor with why the funny guy always gets the girl, he did share a tip when dining out—aside from wearing “good cologne”—that could help even non-funny guys impress the ladies.

“You need to tip well,” Morgan replied when asked about his dining out pet peeves. “I learned that from Frank’s (Sinatra) old movies. Plus, when you throw a few bucks down, you definitely look good in front of your lady friend.”

Having performed in Las Vegas several times over the years, it was only natural to ask Morgan what his favorite restaurant in town was. Not surprisingly, the man known for keeping audiences entertained likes to be entertained as well, citing Benihana inside LVH as his favorite place to dine in Las Vegas.

“I love the Teriyaki Steak and shrimp there,” he said.

Morgan confessed that he also has a bit of a sweet tooth, although his guilty food pleasure is clams on the half shell.

Considering Morgan plays the Entertainment Capital of the World fairly often, one might wonder if he’d ever consider doing a permanent comedy show in Las Vegas.

“I heard George Wallace is leaving,” Morgan teased. “But right now I’m on a mission to spread my love around the world.”

The funnyman said he will also be returning to television this January in a new FXX sitcom. For now, though, fans can see Morgan “break the champagne bottle” when he performs April 25 inside Treasure Island. Showtime is at 9 p.m. and tickets start at $54.95, plus tax and handling fees. Guests must be 18 years or older to attend. To reserve your seats, call 702-894-7722 or simply click here.

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