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Following jogger's death, three dogs to be killed and puppies offered to rescue

One of the dogs involved in the fatal mauling
One of the dogs involved in the fatal mauling
Lapeer County S.O.

According to Friday's CBS Detroit News, the puppies who belonged to the Metamora, Mich., couple whose two Cane Corso dogs mauled a jogger to death in July, will be spared from death.

The Lapeer County Prosecutor's Office had requested that all ten dogs who belonged to Valbona Lucaj and Sebastiano Quagliata, be destroyed; seven of those who were requested to be killed were just puppies.

Only two dogs were involved in the July 23 attack which left 46-year-old Craig Sytsma, of Livonia, dead. On Friday, Lucaj and Quagliata relinquished their rights to the dogs - three adult cane corsos are now scheduled to be destroyed "soon" and the puppies are being offered to a rescue group.

According to federal authorities, the couple is in the United States illegally; at the time that their dogs killed Sytsma, they were facing deportation. Following Sytsma's death, the pair have been charged with second-degree murder and possession of a dangerous animal causing death.

The couple's dogs had been involved in multiple attacks on passersby prior to the fatal mauling which claimed Sytsma's life.

According to the Associated Press, a $500,000 bond was set for Lucaj and Quagliata - prosecutors have voiced concern that the duo might try to flee the country and had requested a bond of $1 million each. Lucaj, a native of Albania, and Quagliata, a native of Italy, are scheduled to appear in court on August 8.

If convicted of their charges, the pair could face life in prison.

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