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Following ‘her’ to Lake Tahoe

We’ve already discussed some of the Los Angeles ‘her’ filming locations, but you may note the movie’s storyline includes a getaway to a definitely-not-in-LA, snowy destination. Since Southern Californians often travel to Big Bear Mountain (about a two-hour drive from LA) to enjoy winter sports, one might assume it was the film’s snowy destination, but that’s incorrect.

Present-day Angelenos in search of snow might travel as far as Mammoth Mountain (about a five-hour drive from LA), but it’s unlikely they would trek as far as Lake Tahoe (at least a seven-hour drive from LA) for a weekend getaway.

However, in the futuristic world of ‘her’ – where one can travel throughout California by a high-speed train that’s served by beautiful, empty stations – it’s just not a big deal to travel from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe. The film website specifies Sugar Bowl Ski Resort (which is near Truckee in Tahoe’s north shore area) was used for the ‘her’ production.

While you may have to wait a decade or so for high-speed-rail travel in California, you certainly don’t have to wait that long to travel to Lake Tahoe; start planning your trip today with this free guide. Winter, spring, summer or fall, it’s always a good time to visit Tahoe!

In the video of the snowy-getaway scene included here, you can also hear the film’s Oscar-nominated Best Original Song. “Moon Song” was penned collaboratively by director Spike Jonze and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O, and it was announced last week she will perform the song at the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony. The voices you hear singing in the movie belong to the film’s multi-talented stars, Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix; check it out!

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